Game Of Life is a simulation.

John Horton Conway devised it in 1970.

3 Simple Rules determine outcomes.

I am building this site to experiment with code that simulate Conway's Game of Life!

Hopefully, I can provide a place for you to play and experiment with "Life" and to ponder what it demonstrates about the relationship between simplicity and complexity.

Michael Robbins

Game of Life

  1. A cell - alive:dead cell or dead:dead cell - exists at each location in a two dimensional grid which extends infinitely.
  2. Any live cell with less than two or more than three live neighbors will die.
  3. Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbors will incarnate.

Conway's rules.


Enter values (between 10 and 100) for width and height of view area.


Shift Live Cells:

Enter an x and/or y value for starting cells to be shifted in view area.


under constructionLiving Cells:
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